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BIG Unveils Massive Masterplan that Aims to be the Most Sustainable City in the World

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Bjarke Ingels Group has released images of a new 150,000-acre masterplan that would be built from scratch on a desert in Western United States. Titled Telosa, the project aims “to create a new city in America that sets a global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and becomes a blueprint for future generations”. The project is expected to house over 5 million residents within the next 40 years, with a vision of becoming the most sustainable city in the world.

The Danish architecture firm was chosen by American entrepreneur Marc Lore, founder of who developed the idea of building a new city on unoccupied public land in the desert. Lore’s idea comes after the evident need to have a city for everyone, where residents feel included and safe, and can get around to where they work and live conveniently, all while feeling connected to nature. According to the project developers, cities are not inclusive, there is a shortage of housing options, communities are disconnected, water is scarce, hospitals and clinics have unaffordable healthcare systems, and nonrenewable energy sources are intoxicating the environment. 

Since the city will be designed from scratch, the architectural and mobility master plan will be designed to improve the quality of life of all residents. The project is set to offer residents and visitors world-class experiences, creative solutions that improve the quality of life, protect nature and the environment, and prepare the next generation for a better and more conscious future. The masterplan includes renewable energy sources, fresh water, autonomous transportation, and diverse housing options, all supporting the notion of “Equitism“. 

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